Jade Tumbled Stone - 098S12

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Please note that the quantity is per single assorted stone.

  • Jade Tumbled Stone
  • Great for meditation, decoration or enhancemnet
  • Between 1.5-2.5cm in diameter depending on the price of the stone

The Facts: The term actually refers to two different minerals of similar appearance and composition: nephrite (spinach/yellow green and uniform in colour) and jadeite (broad colour range, can be spotted or striped and is harder than nephrite).
Jade, a stone of serenity is believed to possess calming properties and have the ability to aid with mental clarity, wisdom and courage.

Typical Colours: Jadeite: green, lilac, white, pink, brown, red, blue, black, and yellow

Nephrite: dark green to cream

Zodiac: all signs especially Virgo / Taurus

Anniversary: 12th Wedding Anniversary

Care: Be gentle with these stones-they can break if knocked