Gem of the Month - Monthly Surprise Set

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Treat yourself to a lovely surprise, themed to the gemstone of the month!

At the start of each month, get a custom hand-picked set of pieces to give you the shine to resonate with the current time of the year. 

Each set has a value of over $40, with a mix of 100% Sterling Silver, Silver Plated and precious gemstone pieces, all labelled with descriptions of their materials and properties. The images are examples of possible sets you can get, but each will vary. Get an extra 5% off for all subscriptions as well!

All rings will be re-sizable, with most sets having at least one piece for the ear, finger, chest and occasionally wrist along with the occasional charm for your home or office.

The gemstone themes for each month are:

January Garnet
February Amethyst
March Aventurine
April Opalite
May Rose Quartz
June Moonstone
July Carnelian
August Onyx
September Amber
October Smokey Quartz
November Lapiz Lazuli
December Clear Quartz

Feel free to message us if you have a preference as well!