Hello! Thank you for checking out our products!

First Time Customers:

If you have just arrived please note the following:

  • Wholesale price is 60% off our retail price (so $10 retail = $4 wholesale).
  • Minimum order value is $150.
  • Please email us your order when decided.

Placing an order:

Please call us or send us an email with the following information for each item:

<Quantity>x <Code> (Optional Description)

For example, for the images to the right:

50x 098A18 (Selenite Point)
100x 174B1

We will then return a confirmation email with totals, any stock we are missing and payment information.

Old Catalogue:

Much of our most popular stock is listed like normal, all codes are in the title, but we have a lot of various designs which are still unlisted. 

The majority of our stock can be seen on our old catalogue here.

For the code for items on that catalogue please follow the below images or just screenshot and circle the item you would like if it is unclear.