Carnelian Tumbled Stone - 098S5

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Please note that the quantity is per single assorted stone.

  • Carnelian Tumbled Stone
  • Great for meditation, decoration or enhancemnet
  • Between 1.5-2.5cm in diameter depending on the price of the stone

The Facts: Carnelian is a variety of chalcedony, a form of silica. It is usually heat-treated or dyed to enhance its colour.
Carnelian is believed to promote friendship, guard against evil, aid concentration, and strengthen family love. It is also believed to help in purifying the blood and to relieve menstrual cramps and back pain. It enhances motivation, clarity of mind, meditation, concentration, memory, self confidence, vocal expression, peace and harmony and courage.

Typical Colours: Red or reddish brown.

Zodiac: Aries / Leo / Virgo / Capricorn

Birthstone: July

Anniversary: 17th Wedding Anniversary

Care: Can be washed under luke warm water with a drop of detergent and water softener. Rinse well in clear water as the soapy film can detract from the stone’s lustre. Best to dry in the open air.