Moonstone Tumbled Stone - 098S15

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Please note that the quantity is per single assorted stone.

  • Moonstone Tumbled Stone
  • Great for meditation, decoration or enhancemnet
  • Between 1.5-2.5cm in diameter depending on the price of the stone

The Facts: Moonstone is the opalescent variant of orthoclase, a mineral that forms in igneous rock.
Moonstone takes its name from its shimmering play of pale blue that is reminiscent of the moon. It is caused by the internal construction of the gemstone and the way light is refracted through it.
Moonstones are said to be able to bring about lovely dreams, improve intuition and increase sensitivity.

Typical Colours: Colourless, grey to bluish white and transparent, opalescent or milky.

Zodiac: Libra / Cancer / Scorpio / Pisces

Birthstone: June

Anniversary: 13th wedding anniversary

Care: Wash under luke warm water with a drop of detergent and water softener. Rinse well in clear water and dry in the open air.