Tourmaline Point Pendant - 098A17

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  • Handmade from India
  • 3-4.5cm from top to bottom of pendant
  • Real tourmaline stone
  • Comes with string (Send us a note about what length you would like)

Since these are handmade and are natural stones, slight differences in size and colouration may occur.

Tourmaline info:

The Facts: Tourmaline refers to a group of similar minerals that manifest many colours. Schorl is iron-rich, opaque, and black in colour. Dravite is a dark brown tourmaline that can be lightened with treatment. Indicolite refers to the dark blue touramline. Rubellite is the name given to the highly prized red stones.
Tourlamaline is believed to attract inspiration, concentration, encourage balance and promote understanding. It is also thought to sooth grief, and build self-confidence.

Typical Colours: yellow-green is the most common colour, with the emerald shades being the most rare and valuable.

Zodiac: Green: Scorpio / Capricorn / Pisces

Birthstone: October